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Let’s Get Weird

Learn How to Awaken & Activate What Makes You Weird and therefore, Valuable in the World!

(And join a community of weirdos doing the same!)


"So what the hell is this anyway, JP?"

(Glad you asked.)

Awaken with JP: PremiumAF is a premium channel & private community designed to help you create a life you love on ALL levels by awakening, owning & using what makes you “weird,” and therefore gives you an unfair advantage!

This program combines the sincere heartfelt guidance that I've used to help empower thousands of my clients with the humor that I've used to make millions laugh.

Here’s how it works…


Every week, I’ll send you an email that your inbox will actually be excited to receive, which will invite you to watch my weekly episodes & talk about it with me and the community. These episodes will be videos ranging from Life Classes to Interviews…


And trust me, I won’t be pretending to be a scholarly professor teaching boring academic lessons, it will be me being me with you coming from my heart and playfulness.



I'll drop some perspective, personal story & practices. Then, I'll ask you to respond in our private community with various exercises! (This gets too fun!)


This is my excuse to hang out with really interesting people who I believe have something for us to learn & grow from. It’s conversational and connective while I’m facilitating them sharing their story and lessons of insight & overcoming adversity. I’ll also talk over them when I feel needy.




We’ll have a communal Q&A’s, exclusive for members, where we contexualize the journey with our own individual lives.



We’re committed to GROWTH together, which requires far more than more good content. These classes will be practical & challenging and focused on getting us into a peak state of life.



But you'll have to subscribe to see.

What People Are Saying

I did not realize how supportive the community would be of one another. I am so pleased to meet such an interesting, diverse, and compassionate tribe.


“I was blown away by how much I have learned from the PremiumAF episodes... about myself... about life... how to learn more about myself...wow!” 


The practical exercises are helping me go from my head to my heart!!! It’s not just head knowledge, it’s life changing!!!


“A refreshingly creative and playful approach to self development...”


“Life enhancing spiritual titty twister.”


“Spiritual enlightenment for everyday weirdos!”


“Freakin awesome, pure transformational JP gold.”


But first, a warning...

Common side effects of the Awakened Life have been reported as,
though not limited to, the following:
  • Actually enjoying your life.
  • Financial stability from doing what you actually like to do.
  • A growing fondness towards JP because of extensive access.
  • Increased levels of confidence in who you uniquely are.
  • A sudden inspiration to get physically fit.
  • Surprisingly deep connections to loved ones, regardless of their current state.
  • Tendency to celebrate your weirdness.
  • Unexpected emotional sanity.
  • Life feeling like a privilege, not a chore.
  • Chilling the eff out.
  • This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. No need to call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. Simply subscribe below.

I, too, have experienced the pain of an unawakened life...

Many may be aware of my obsession with making people laugh on YouTube and Facebook, but few are aware that of my journey that has involved...


fig. 1

Treadmill of productivity. Countless failed relationships. Lots of numbness. And sunburn (I am a ginger).

fig. 2

Came face to face with severe self doubt, fear of being seen as myself, the constant feeling of not being enough to create the life I wanted to live inside of. While it was uncomfortable, it also (luckily) became more uncomfortable feeling the emptiness, purposelessness, and lack of excitement of not owning myself and playing big.

fig. 3

Awakening begins via deep diving my own heart with the help of many others bringing awareness. Became willing to be vulnerable and show up as myself (not pretending to be someone else like I had done for years).

fig. 4

Thousands of one-on-one client sessions, retreats & masterminds guiding people into the depths of their heart to resolve what holds them back and step into their power.

fig. 5

Meditated under a Bodhi tree for 10 years straight. It only took me an hour though, because I’m pretty good.

fig. 6

Willingness to be vulnerable results in stepping into the courage to embrace my comedic self. Making millions of people laugh online through my comedy videos that have accumulated over 300 million views. (I say this to gain credibility in your eyes.)

“JP has come such a long way! I’m so glad he isn’t living in my basement anymore but I sure miss his coconut-oil based cooking.”

JP's Mom

JP's Mom

Who says a meaningful life has to be a serious life?

I’ve been “waking up” and helping people “wake up” for over two decades as both my passion and profession.

Along the way, the problem I’ve found is that most self-development & life design programs deliver value but also tend to be serious as a funeral and boring as a Bible study.

Pursuing the enjoyment of life can often be portrayed as lacking purpose, meaning and importance. Yet, nothing is farther from the truth!

The pursuit of fun and feeling good is not only JUST meaningful, it can be the most helpful, healing & critical part of developing a truly meaningful life.

Which brings me to today, where I've never been more excited to merge my coaching & comedy...

This channel & community is designed
to awaken ALL parts of you.

All parts, working in harmony. This is the essence of waking up to life in full. No matter what you're feeling the most frustration around or what you most want out of life in this coming season, we'll go there (I think you & I are building a lot of rapport with this paragraph).


Living On Purpose, on Purpose

Not listening to or being unwilling to act on the inspiration, passions, unique genius, and creativity that wants to live through you is a great recipe for feeling unmotivated & purposeless. We’re going to learn how to honor & give voice to these things and make life feel like a gift, not a chore, again.



Being Terrible at Feeling Awful.

Your body, mind & emotions are the vehicles and drivers that you navigate life with. We’re going to focus on keeping them well-nurtured and in a peak state to empower the greatest possible amount of enjoyment in life, of course.



Pretending to be a Grown Up.

Grinding everyday out & bypassing your inner satisfaction in exchange for barely enough money to feel safe and almost secure is no way to live. Instead, we’re going to “pretend” that there’s a much more enjoyable way to live by getting paid to do something we actually enjoy doing!



Meeting the stranger that you are..

Together, we’ll cut through the layers of who you think you should be and who you think you are in order to connect with who you authentically are. Often times, simply being a curious student of our lives might be a massive upgrade from the delusional sense of certainty we get by pretending to be someone who we’re not. (Imagine that!)



Other people don’t all have to suck.

No getting around it. The depth of your connection with others significantly impacts both your purpose & enjoyment in life. (It also happens to directly effect your sex life.) We will explore relationships in this way, as well as, your powerful mirror to look in to learn about and discover who you authentically are.

Now I know what you're thinking...

I’m sure you love to be told what you’re thinking, but I’m using my intuition here…

Become A Member Today!

✔ Weekly Classes by JP ($500 Value, I'm sure to someone)
✔ Interviews w Smart Ass People ($1500 value, at least. Maybe even millions.)
✔ Sub-channels based on Interests (+$100 value. Okay now I'm guessing)
✔ Monthly Online Pow-wow's with JP (Throw in another G and get a private jet.)
✔ Access to JP via a Private Group (Priceless)
✔ The Level of Self-Development & Life Design That You Get Month After Month.($1)


And now for all the sh#t my marketing team makes me say...

Yes, they make me say it, but that doesn't mean it's not true!

Cancel your monthly subcription anytime,
no questions asked.

I'm 100% confident to be confidently offering this program because I've put my heart and soul and confidence into it. If it turns out that you don't feel confident that there's a high amount of value in it for you, confidently cancel your monthly subscription anytime, no questions asked, confidently.

There. Has. Never. Been. a. Better. Time. to. Buy.

Truthfully though, life is always knocking on our door to grow, step deeper into our potential, and let go of the old. The longer we wait to open the door, the louder and more painfully it will knock. It won't stop knocking until we answer, no matter how severely it has to knock! (This is a door analogy and it very easily could've been another mountain analogy. You're welcome.)

My heart and soul are going into this program...

I've said “No” to plenty of big money offers that don’t involve a depth of meaning that will actually help people. I also have said “No” to offers that might be awesome at heart, yet I don’t feel creatively inspired and playful with. Both are extremely important to me!

That’s how I can assure you that you’ll get nothing less than my most purposed and playful self to help you live an awakened life. I feel I deserve both and I believe you do too, damn it!

JP Sears Author, Ginger