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Life Classes for More Happiness, Purpose and Control of Your Life.

(NOTE: PAF used to be a subscription
but is now a one-time purchase!)


"So what the hell is this anyway, JP?"

(Glad you asked.)

100+ episodes of Premium Life Classes to Help you Solve Any Problem to Have More Happiness, Purpose, and Control of Your Life.


This program combines the sincere heartfelt guidance that I've used to help empower thousands of my clients with the humor that I've used to make millions laugh.

This channel is designed
to awaken ALL parts of you.

All parts, working in harmony. This is the essence of waking up to life in full. No matter what you're feeling the most frustration around or what you most want out of life in this coming season, we'll go there (I think you & I are building a lot of rapport with this paragraph).


Living On Purpose, on Purpose

Not listening to or being unwilling to act on the inspiration, passions, unique genius, and creativity that wants to live through you is a great recipe for feeling unmotivated & purposeless. We’re going to learn how to honor & give voice to these things and make life feel like a gift, not a chore, again.



Being Terrible at Feeling Awful.

Your body, mind & emotions are the vehicles and drivers that you navigate life with. We’re going to focus on keeping them well-nurtured and in a peak state to empower the greatest possible amount of enjoyment in life, of course.



Pretending to be a Grown Up.

Grinding everyday out & bypassing your inner satisfaction in exchange for barely enough money to feel safe and almost secure is no way to live. Instead, we’re going to “pretend” that there’s a much more enjoyable way to live by getting paid to do something we actually enjoy doing!



Meeting the stranger that you are..

Together, we’ll cut through the layers of who you think you should be and who you think you are in order to connect with who you authentically are. Often times, simply being a curious student of our lives might be a massive upgrade from the delusional sense of certainty we get by pretending to be someone who we’re not. (Imagine that!)



Other people don’t all have to suck.

No getting around it. The depth of your connection with others significantly impacts both your purpose & enjoyment in life. (It also happens to directly affect your sex life.) We will explore relationships in this way, as well as, your powerful mirror to look in to learn about and discover who you authentically are.

What People Are Saying

I did not realize how supportive the community would be of one another. I am so pleased to meet such an interesting, diverse, and compassionate tribe.


“I was blown away by how much I have learned from the PremiumAF episodes... about myself... about life... how to learn more about myself...wow!” 


The practical exercises are helping me go from my head to my heart!!! It’s not just head knowledge, it’s life changing!!!


“A refreshingly creative and playful approach to self development...”


“Life enhancing spiritual titty twister.”


“Spiritual enlightenment for everyday weirdos!”


“Freakin awesome, pure transformational JP gold.”


Here’s how it works…


You’ll have access to all kinds of magic wisdom from me, others and more from me.



Perspective, personal story & practices that will help you confront problems & transcend.


These are my excuse to hang out with really interesting people who I believe have something for us to learn & grow from. It’s conversational and connective while I’m facilitating them sharing their story and lessons of insight & overcoming adversity. I’ll also talk over them when I feel needy.



We’re committed to GROWTH together, which requires far more than more good content. These classes are practical & challenging and focused on getting us into a peak state of life.


But you'll have to become a member to see.

Now I know what you're thinking...

I’m sure you love to be told what you’re thinking, but I’m using my intuition here…


✔ Life Classes by JP ($500/clas Value, I'm sure to someone)
✔ Interviews w Smart Ass People ($1500 value, at least. Maybe even millions.)
✔ Sub-channels based on Interests (+$100 value. Okay now I'm guessing)
✔ The Level of Self-Development & Life Design That You Get. ($1)



On sale now for $97

(One time Purchase, NOT subscription)

My heart and soul are going into this program...

I've said “No” to plenty of big money offers that don’t involve a depth of meaning that will actually help people. I also have said “No” to offers that might be awesome at heart, yet I don’t feel creatively inspired and playful with. Both are extremely important to me!

That’s how I can assure you that you’ll get nothing less than my most purposed and playful self to help you live an awakened life. I feel I deserve both and I believe you do too, damn it!

JP Sears Author, Ginger