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100+ episodes of Premium Life Classes to Help you Solve Any Problem to Have More Happiness, Purpose, and Control of Your Life.

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103) How to Thrive When Someone’s Angry At You

When someone’s angry at you, your personal power will either increase or diminish. Most of the time,…

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102) How to Slay Insecurities

You’ll receive the full download of consciousness of what the 3 biggest mistakes are that make your…

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101) Slicing Through Self-Sabotage

In this episode you’ll learn a sequence for identifying the shackles of self-sabotage and slicing yourself free…

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100) Breaking out of Your Zone of Normalcy

Our zone of normal is important for safety, security, and familiarity. Yet staying in it 24/7 ensures…

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099) How to Get HappyAF by getting PlayfulAF

The mature adult knows how to play. The immature one doesn’t. Your ability to play gives you…

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098) Receiving Unshakeable Support

Open your mind chakra and consider this: the happiest, most fulfilled, most successful people (truly successful, not…

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097) Laughing Your Way Into Enlightenment

Laughing at what you take too seriously is a powerful catalyst to transform the root fear that’s…

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096) The Secret Key for Happiness and Growth

Here we dive deep on one of the most important secret keys to increasing happiness and growth…

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095) How to Post Game Analyze Your Growth

If you’ve ever pretended to be an athlete like I have, then you would know there’s a…

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094) How to Create Momentum with Celebration

What’s better than being celibate? Celebrating! When you don’t have the fine art of celebrating your big…

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093) How to Create Deep Connections

Deep connections are the currency that pays with fulfillment. But how do you create deep connections? Me…

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092) How to Slay the Dragon of Being a People Pleaser – Part 3

We’re going deep with slaying the dragon of being a people pleaser with a three part mini-series!…

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