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Awaken with JP: PremiumAF

100+ episodes of Premium Life Classes to Help you Solve Any Problem to Have More Happiness, Purpose, and Control of Your Life.

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010) The Fine Art of Benefiting From Bad Advice

Let me offer you some good advice about bad advice. In Episode 10, we take a playful,…

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009) Career Change, Mid-Life Crisis’, & Reviving Passion for Self-Care

Episode 9 is a series of lightning round coaching sessions I did with PremiumAF members! We dive…

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008) Becoming a Stronger Version of Yourself with Elliott Hulse

This episode extracts the life wisdom of the life warrior, father, businessman, strongman, yoga-aholic, YouTube sensation Elliott…

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007) How to Push Your Edge

Your “edge” is a new level of growth, capacity, action, or inner truth that scares the poop…

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006) GratefulAF Practices

Let’s get gratefulAF! In this week’s short and sweet episode, we get practicalAF about getting gratefulAF. I…

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005) The Science of Killing Boredom And The Art of Creating Fun!

Do you proactively create fun or do you sit back passively and wait for it to find…

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004) Winning from Negative Thinking.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to not only avoid the pitfalls of negative thinking, you’ll ALSO…

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003) Breaking the Code of Normal People with Aubrey Marcus.

How can you become the strangest person you know in the name of being happy, fulfilled, while…

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002) Owning Your Truth Through Mirroring.

[Unsolicited Profound Statement] Growing into our authentic self means connecting to the raw, naked, beautiful truth of…

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001) How to Take Yourself Less Seriously.

While taking ourselves seriously is not inherently bad, taking ourselves too seriously will limit our growth, happiness,…

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