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The Purpose of Addiction & How to Evolve Beyond It.

Amy Harris Oct 10

HEADS UP: This is a video that has lived on my Youtube channel for a while now, which explains why you may recognize it. Though it is not an official PremiumAF episode, I’ve included it in the archives because I believe it is relevant to our journey together.

So, I’m assuming we can all agree that addiction is the opposite of a good thing. Namely, bad.

Yeah, not my friend Karen. 🙂

I love her unconventional & incredibly helpful perspective on the issue. Which is probably why I forced her to sit on a couch with me and talk about the issue.

I’m feeling quite confident that you’ll find some treasure in her story, regardless of your own relationship or lack thereof to addiction.


PS) Karen did her part. Now your turn. Regardless of if you’ve struggled with addiction or not, tell us ONE THING that hit home for you in this session. And why?

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