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024) Money Frustrations (PREVIEW)

Frustrations with money are commonAF and are always a sign that you’re out of alignment with yourself. The way NORMAL people deal with money frustrations typically makes them more out of alignment with themselves and usually leaves them with no increase in their levels of wealth.

In this episode, I get preachy as hell. I urge you to break normal and be an awakened WEIRDO where you discover exactly WHAT your frustrations are there to show you and how you can fix the problem.

This episode is only for you if you’d rather replace the energy of frustration with the energy of grace in your relationship with money.



So let’s do this. Post a video (or written, but PREFERABLY A VIDEO because I like to see your faces!) to the PremiumAF Facebook Group with the following:

  1. 1-10, what’s your current money frustration level?
  2. What’s the attachment making you most out of alignment?
  3. Confess how the attached part of you is full of shit!
  4. Share a greater truth about the attachment.

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