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016) Being Heart Aligned in Business (PREVIEW)

In this episode, we look your career and money right in the eyes.

But instead of having a shallow discussion around business and believing that we should be making good money for the sake of making money (which makes me want to vomit), we take a much richer perspective of how to illuminate your business world by being more aligned with your heart (which is what counts and does not make me want to vomit).

Master coach, Brandon Hawk, loads us up with perspective and practical wisdom to help us elevate our business life by being congruent with our hearts.

Just a quick note on Brandon Hawk: He’s a coach who’s clients pay him $250,000 (each) to help them function from their hearts in their businesses. They pay him this much money because they make way more than that in return when they start steering their business with the wisdom of their hearts. He delivers a ton of value to your doorstep packaged in this episode!

Let’s all try Brandon’s 3-step formula for aligning with your heart!

  1. What am I feeling? (Climb the emotional ladder)
  2. What do I really want?
  3. What heart inspired action will I take?

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