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002) Owning Your Truth Through Mirroring (PREVIEW)

Amy Harris Dec 12

This is a free & open episode from my PremiumAF Channel. I publish one like it every week to help an amazing group of subscribers live a better, more awakened, life. If you enjoyed, subscribe here!

[Unsolicited Profound Statement] Growing into our authentic self means connecting to the raw, naked, beautiful truth of our self.

Sounds good & easy, right?

The only problem is that standing in between YOU and this raw, naked, beautiful YOU is your blind spots. 🙂

In this episode, we’re going after these blindspots!

We’re going make them not-so-blind spots and use them to launch into greater vision and connection to self.

Warning #1: This episode is heavy on the practical, so you can use ALL your perceptions of other people to discover the truth of your authentic self. 

Warning #2: Two irrelevant, mostly terrible nursery rhymes make an appearance.


PS) Homework time! (This is something we do every week & the responses typically live in the private group we have. For you, feel free to do the exercise, but you’ll have to subscribe to publish your response!) Make a video implementing the following exercise…

  1. State your perception of 3 people IN YOUR LIFE (with OWNERSHIP). One thing you’re challenged about them and one thing you like about them.
  2. State what that perception says about you (as though your perception is 100% about you, not the other person).
  3. Watch 3 other people’s videos & OWN your perception of them and find what that perception says about you!

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