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115) Awakening Principle: Discomfort

People who are unhappy, don’t feel meaning, and are unfulfilled always habitually move away from discomfort. Awakened…

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114) Awakening Principle: Growth

If you look at your adversity and challenges while not believing they’re there to support your growth…

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113) Awakening Principle: Don’t Take Things Personally

Understanding how taking things personally holds you back and how to free yourself from the shackles of…

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112) Awakening Principle: Intuition

One of the biggest differences between unhappy people and people living an inspired life is the Intuition…

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111) Awakening Principle: Curiosity

One of the biggest constipators of awakening is a closed down mind, a mind of certainty. The…

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110) Awakening Principle: Self-Responsibility

No matter what problem you have or what you want to accomplish, the awakening principle of self-responsibility…

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109) How to Kill Your Inner Idiot and Resolve the Root of Your Challenges

Challenges, problems, and sticking points are necessary for your growth. However, the way you relate to them…

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108) Got a Problem You Need Solved?

Your problem won’t be solved by this episode but you’ll hear something that will help you solve…

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107) How to Sleep Your Way to The Top

No matter what your most important goal is, better sleep will help you accomplish that. I KNOW…

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106) The Secret for Massive Positive Change

I show you my favorite secret to go from a wanna be for positive change to actually…

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105) Become Happier By Getting It Through Your Thick Skull When Life is Trying to Teach You a Lesson!

When repetitive patterns of stress, chaos, or unease seem to be happening in your life, you can…

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104) A Simple Practical Secret to Give You More Peace of Mind and Body

Have you ever thought, “I need more stress and tension?” Me neither. We can always use less…

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